Monday, June 28, 2010

Heidegger's Thinking on Architecture....

According to Heidegger's theory of art, building and dwelling are related. For building is not merely a means and a way towards dwelling ,to build is in itself already to dwell. A building is a dwelling place for all, depending of the purpose of building. For example, a temple is a place to respect the Gods, thus making it a place for people to worship God, and so the design of a temple is different from a normal person's dwelling. A temple may just be a building in common, if there is no God to dwell there. So, the functionality of a building that makes the building stand out from the rest.
For example, a mosque is a place for followers of Islam worshiping to their God. A minaret has play an important roles in mosque. The top of the minaret is always the highest point in mosques that have one, and often the highest point in the immediate area, which were used for essentially the same purpose — calling the faithful to prayer. This means, minaret is like a place to reach the prayers by God.

As for "Earth & sky", it means God rules from the top to the bottom. A tower or a building represents the sky, humans may reach the calling of the God by going to the temple, mosque, or their respective prayer's place. Thus, earth and sky can be just connected through temple. Besides, according to Heidegger, bridge is not just an object, it is a connection of the two different object and brought together into one place, this makes the surrounding combine together. World will be like a connection of everything, and it's like an overall picture of everything. The relationship of Man and nature has strong relations as well, nature include Earth, lanscape, plants and even river can create a place for dwelling place. Some may believe God create nature for humans living, and follow the elements of fourfold( mortal, God,Earth and implicitly), combine it into one world.

Other than just using building as a dwelling place, Heidegger had thought that Language has play a primary role in a source of understanding. Language is the "original art" according to Heidegger. In my opinion, i think that language is like a house for everyone, humans will follow for what it takes. It is just like a representative for an object and keep it forever, just like an identification according to what it follows, as long it brings meaning to fourfold.

Last but not least, landscape is where we dwell between earth and sky. It can be define as building is just like built the space to live, when there is a building, there will be a space for used. Place is a definition of how big you need to live or dwell. In conclusion, nowadays most of the building were built without consideration of functionalism. A building is not just for aesthetic view or beautiful, but with purpose and function for certain things. Thus, this can made the place or space to be special, and keep the tradition of it till the next generation.

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